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At BHPS, we in favor of access to care for all and encourage persons with mental health disorders to have access to care from wherever they are without interruption. We broaden the reach and support to out clients through telehealth practices in order to support a variety of efficient and easily accessible mental health care services.



We at Behavioral Health and Psychotherapy Services are dedicated to giving our patients and the community high-quality, affordable care.

We are here to increase disadvantaged and underprivileged populations’ access to high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price.


To serve more individuals of the community who have trouble accessing the healthcare system by becoming the leading integrated primary and behavioral health provider in the area.

Our care is known for being empathetic, result-oriented, and individual-focused. To achieve this, we strive to be respected by the community, trusted by patients, and agents of constructive change.


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No matter who you are and what your story is, BHPS, LLC believes in tailoring treatment and therapy to fit your needs so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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