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Eating Disorder

What is Eating Disorder?

It could be an early symptom of an eating disorder if you find it increasingly difficult to focus on other elements of your life because you are so consumed with food and weight issues. Eating disorders can completely take over a person’s life and result in seriously, even fatal, medical issues if left untreated. Any age or gender can be affected by eating disorders; however, women are more likely than males to experience them. Adolescence and early adulthood are when symptoms frequently manifest.

Anorexia Nervosa As they get fixated on losing weight, individuals with anorexia will deprive themselves of food to the point of starving. When someone has anorexia, they may refuse to eat, engage in binge eating and purging, or overexert themselves physically to reduce, get rid of, or “burn” calories.

Nervous bulimia Binging on a lot of food in a short period of time can make bulimics feel out of control. They then scramble to burn off the extra calories by forcing themselves to vomit, misusing laxatives, or engaging in excessive activity. The person experiences a great deal of emotional and bodily harm because of this vicious cycle, which takes control of many elements of their life. Most bulimics are either normal weight or slightly overweight.

Our treatment plan includes using varieties of techniques and involves:

  1. talk therapy or behavioral therapy are both forms of psychotherapy.
  2. medicine, including antidepressants and anxiety medications. While there is no drug that can treat eating disorders on their own, many patients find that these medications help with underlying problems. Many people who live with an eating disorder frequently have a co-occurring condition like depression or anxiety.


  1. Additionally essential are monitoring your weight loss progress and nutritional coaching. To better ensure good eating patterns, enhance awareness, and foster support, family-based treatment is especially crucial for families with children and adolescents.


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